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I here Voices. The Voices tell me to cut up Fabric. Good Fabric. Into small pieces. Small interesting pieces.
Then the Voices tell me to put them back together again. In interesting ways.
.... I must Obey ....

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Timon & Printed Bed Sheets

Timon has decided in the last month that this printed bed sheet is either the enemy or absolutely fascinating
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This is not the first time he has gone after the little flowers on this sheet set. Not only does he always "help" when I am making the bed, no matter what the print is, but he will attack these particular flowers at all times of the night. (peaceful rest is not an option for me, I guess)

What is he trying to tell me?
"What are you thinking by displaying such a crazy floral?"
"I just love these flowers, if I could only peal one off and *really* play with it!"
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Blogger Tazzie said...

Timon is such a cute cat, I'd like to think that he's playing with the flowers ... surely he can't be thinking evil thoughts?

May 23, 2007 at 5:51 AM  

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