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Art Journey with a Quilty Voice:
I here Voices. The Voices tell me to cut up Fabric. Good Fabric. Into small pieces. Small interesting pieces.
Then the Voices tell me to put them back together again. In interesting ways.
.... I must Obey ....

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thank You....

Thank you to all of your encouraging words. You have offered a lot of great ideas that I hope to encorporate into my process. I am still working through this *thang* and am looking for *that* project to jump start me. Bu-leeve me... I have no problem stuffing those pesky dud projects into the bottom of a drawer! Oh, how many secrets do I have already, oh... wait, I listed them all on my Stashbusting site. No escaping that, no secrets...

>>>>>>To something NEW and BEYOND! er.... lets hope so....


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