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Then the Voices tell me to put them back together again. In interesting ways.
.... I must Obey ....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day - Another Sexy Iris Photo

Did I mention that my Iris is blooming? It is the Tennessee state flower... (I am not sure if it is a specific type of Iris, or all Irises count, I'm taking the latter)
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I planted a new ground cover called "Creeping Jenny" that I begged a cutting off my host that I stayed with in North Carolina. I nutured six little plants through the winter and planted three of them this morning. (Wait, is this a quilt blog or a gardening blog?) I expect them to take over this one flower bed and do their job of choking out the weeds. I am not a big fan of mulching and everyone puts down mulch here. I would rather see green. I love green, I've never met a green that I didn't like. Maybe that's why I have so many green pieces of fabric (hey, its a quilting blog again!)
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And my little herb garden. I am determined to get them to grow big enough to consume this year! The parsley was given to me by my mom last fall and I've taken good care of it. I pinch the big leaves off and add it to my cooking and it keeps growing! I put it there to influence the other herbs I have growing so far; basil, thyme, chives, arugula, and clilantro.
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In honor of Earth Day (and I figured I better use them since I bought them almost a month ago) I put in four more CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs), they are equal to 100 watts of incandescent light bulbs, but are really only 23 watts. I mention this because two went into my sewing room. It is like daylight in there now! Anyway, I've been trying my best to be green since I moved to TN four years ago, but it is not a popular here as it was in California. No one seems to care about recycling, the garbage company has never given me a recycling bin, even after I've asked repeatedly. I still am horror struck when I see someone throw away an aluminum can because there isn't a recycle bin near by. I've thought of starting a recycling program at work, but am put off by the nightmare of picking up people's disgusting, sticky, dirty cans. So, I save my own cans, and bottles and take them to the only operating recycling center I could find in Memphis. It is just a drop off point, but I hope that they are able to at least cash the stuff in and recycle it. I am still looking for the aluminum foil that in from recycled. Wonder what the neighbors would think if I had a wind turbine in my yard?

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