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I here Voices. The Voices tell me to cut up Fabric. Good Fabric. Into small pieces. Small interesting pieces.
Then the Voices tell me to put them back together again. In interesting ways.
.... I must Obey ....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stashbusting and Planning

I am up to EIGHTEEN Ufo's!!
I've also been cutting up fabric for more stashbusting tops so I can clear out some of the older fabrics from my stash. It is easy and doesn't require a lot of thought and is VERY satisfying just to cut fabric into perfect geometric shapes. I see these being assembled while working on other projects. Instead of using a thread bunny, I will just grab a bit of these and sew a seem. The rest of the assembly will be done at my Novemeber retreat.

Projects I am planning to take with me to retreat:
Supplies for two classes
Stashbuster Stars pieces
Grape Geese (so I can design the border)
Handwork, most likely New Timon

My folks will be returning home to Californis next week. I will be sorry to have them leave, but look forward to returning to my single life schedule ... it is mixed ... I love spending time with them and want to enjoy as much as I can, but also miss my alone time too. I feel too selfish to expect much alone time while they are here just because our visits are so limited and I don't want to waste what time I have to spend with them.

Now at the end I finally reached a ballance of time by catch moments in the morning before they wake and taking time to cut up fabric for stashbusting.


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