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Art Journey with a Quilty Voice:
I here Voices. The Voices tell me to cut up Fabric. Good Fabric. Into small pieces. Small interesting pieces.
Then the Voices tell me to put them back together again. In interesting ways.
.... I must Obey ....

Monday, May 15, 2006

Three Day Weekend

Do I need to spend three days with people who only find humor in what is important to me? Is friendship worth that? I've spent years protecting myself from this type of ridicule, do I really need to expose myself to this again? Three days are valuable to me and I could do so much more with that extra day. Will the sacrifice be appreciated? Usually not, it will most likely be casually tossed aside and disregarded...squandered. My sanity is paramount, sewing regains that sanity. I cannot look to validation outside of me, it is never there. The solace of sewing and reveling in my own universe is preferred, my time is appreciated there.


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